June 16, 2023 


ATLANTA - The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Police Department (MPD) has received a $1.4 million grant from Governor Brian Kemp through the American Rescue Plan State Fiscal Recovery Fund Public Safety and Community Violence Reduction Grant Program. The grant will be used to facilitate the recruitment and hiring of qualified law enforcement officials, expand the existing force, and support MPD’s proactive and strategic law enforcement strategies and safety measures.

“The MARTA Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our valued customers and the communities we serve,” said MARTA Police Chief Scott Kreher. “This grant from Governor Kemp will enable us to bolster our resources and enhance our ability to provide effective law enforcement services, further strengthening our partnership with the community.”

“MARTA remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering dependable, efficient, and secure transit to the region. With the generous support of this grant from Governor Kemp, the MARTA Police Department will continue to evolve and adapt, ensuring it effectively anticipates the needs of our customers and upholds a safe and secure environment,” said MARTA General Manager and CEO Collie Greenwood.

MPD engages in a range of activities to ensure the safety and security of the system and the surrounding communities, including patrols, investigations, community outreach, partnerships, and collaborative efforts with local agencies. MPD reports a 17 percent reduction in Part 1 crimes (violent and property crimes), and a 42 percent reduction in operator assaults. Enforcement of MARTA’s Ride with Respect Program resulted in over 5,000 temporary or yearlong system suspensions for violators and over 70 permanent bans. Additionally, MPD partners with Hope Atlanta to provide support and resources to unsheltered individuals on the system. 

MPD also recently achieved state law enforcement certification, a complex process established to ensure agencies are held to the highest standards of ethics and safety and are compliant with the law and current policing procedures. And just this week, MPD was awarded the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) 2023 Rail Security Gold Award for heavy rail stations for its outstanding security programs, specifically the Joint Bike Patrol Team partnership with the Atlanta Police Department. 




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